Engine 2
2011 Sutphen Shield
127 Engine 2 is the main engine company of the Coraopolis Fire Department. The 2011 Sutphen Shield Engine has a 1500 GPM pump and 500 gallon water tank. It also carries supplemental rescue equipment to Rescue Engine 1 including backup hydraulic cutting equipment.
Truck 4
2005 Sutphen SL 75 Custom
127 Truck 4 is a 2005 Custom Sutphen 75' Ladder and carries 6 fire personnel. Truck 4 has a 2000 GPM pump and 500 gallon water tank allowing it to serve a dual role as an engine. The truck is also equipped with a hydraulic generator power-take-off system along with various different tools for forcible entry and ventilation operations.
Squad 5
1997 Chevrolet 3500
127 Squad 5 is a 1997 Chevrolet 3500 Crew Cab. Squad 5 is typically used for purposes such as transporting equipment, personnel, or towing the boat trailer.
Rescue Engine 1
1995 Boardman/Freightliner
127 Engine 1 is a 1995 Boardman/Freightliner. This 5 person engine has a 1500 GPM pump and 500 gallon water tank. It also carries most of the Coraopolis Fire Department's vehicle rescue equipment including the "Jaws of Life", airbag systems, cribbing, and cutting tools.
Engine 3 (Reserve)
1978 American LaFrance
Engine 3 is a 1978 American La France Century Series engine with a 1500 GMP pump and a 500 gallon water tank. 127 E3 is housed in station 2 as a reserve engine.
Ladder 1 (Reserve)
1949 American Lafrance
1949 American La France 75' Ladder "Ladder 1" was purchased by the CVFD. Ladder 1 has been in-service for over 63 years. Ladder 1 is now housed at Station 2 but is still used regularly, second to Truck 4, and for training purposes. The Ladder was re-powered in 1979. The pump and tank were removed, a diesel replaced the old gasoline engine, an automatic transmission and airbrakes were added. Shortly after, the wooden ground ladders were replaced. In 1995, Truck 1 was repainted white matching the new, uniform color of the Coraopolis Fire Department's fire trucks.
Ladder 1 is not equipped with a water tank or pump and only carries ladders and truck company tools. The aerial can be used for master stream operations.
"The Fox" (Retired)
1939 Ahrens Fox
1939 Ahrens Fox Fire Engine, "The Fox" as the Coraopolis firefighters call it. Rebuilt in 1995 by some of the departments members. The restoration that took three years is well documented in one of the Fire Department's photo albums. The Fox was originally purchased new by the Borough of Coraopolis in 1939. It was in service until 1963. When it was taken out of service it was sold to a farmer in Westmorland County . The Department was fortunate to get the engine back after so many years. "The Fox" makes regular appearances at local parades and is also part of the Tri-State Antique Firefighting Association.

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