1886 Reorganized

The town of Coraopolis was founded in 1886. Around the same point in time a water plant was constructed and the Coraopolis Fire Department existed.

There is very little recorded information about the fire department prior to 1898. On March 14, 1898 the fire department was reorganized "Coraopolis Hose Company #1". At this first meeting a gentlemen by the name of Stanton, acting as safety commissioner, held the first recorded meeting of the Coraopolis Fire Department. Jay Moore was present at this meeting and was elected the first Fire Chief of the Coraopolis Hose Company, in 1899.

Coraopolis Hose Company # 1, 1911


Opening of Sewickley Bridge

The first Coraopolis Hose Company Fire Station was located at 1015 State Ave, next to the old main station. The station housed equipment including the 2 horse drawn wagons with hoses and ladders. The horses were used from a funeral home located across the street. The original fire station still exists today as a private business; however, the funeral home does not


1921 - First Fire Truck

In 1921, The Coraopolis Hose Company #1 purchased its first triple combination fire engine, an American La France Metropolitan Engine. The 1921 engine remained in service until 1939 when it was replaced with an Ahrens Fox Engine with mid ship pump. The department still possesses "The Fox", housed at the substation on 1st Ave.

1921 American La France Metropolitan Engine


1939 Ahrens Fox "The Fox", Fifth Avenue


1929 - New Station

In 1929 Hose Company #1 moved to its existing home, 1012 Fifth Avenue, adjacent to the municipal building on Fifth Ave. The station has 3 bays to house trucks and various firefighting and rescue equipment. Its location provides quick access to all of Coraopolis.

Coraopolis Hose Company #1, 1012 Fifth Avenue


1931 - Truck Company

Coraopolis Hose Company added a 1931 GMC Ladder truck to its fleet. Later ladder trucks included the 1949 American Lafrance and 2005 Sutphen.

1931 GMC Ladder Truck


1949 American Lafrance


2005 Sutphen SL 75

Throughout the last 75 years the Coraopolis Volunteer Fire Department (CVFD), as it is known today, made many advancement in protecting the community. During the early 1980s the members of the CVFD donated their salaries of $4 per hour rate per emergency call, back to the department to supplement their funds. A second building was obtained for the public works in the 1980s. With the additional garages at 1st Avenue the CVFD also became river rescue with certified divers.


1995 - White Fire Trucks.

With the purchase of the 1995 Engine 1 the new Color of the Coraopolis VFD Trucks, is now white. The first engine in 1929 was red. The next trucks transitions to white before the Cadillac Green of the 40s was used through the mid 90s.

Station 127, 2011


2017 - New Station

In the fall of 2017 The Coraopolis Borough opened a new borough building at 1301 Fourth Ave. This building included the borough's administration offices, police and fire departments.

Station 127, 2017

2018 - VRSR and Proboard Participating

2018 the "Coraopolis Rescue Company" was established with in the Coraopolis Fire Department and recognized as a VRSR Basic Level Rescue Company. Certified Rescue Technicians (Vehicle) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B) were restored, tools and equipment were added to 127 Rescue Engine to obtain the Rescue Company Certification. Basic Rope Rescue, Water Rescue, and Hazmat Operations were also included.

2018 Coraopolis Fire Department was recognized as a Pro-board Participating Fire Department (Bronze) Level with over 50% of the members having a Pro-board Certification.

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